TODO list for txt2html

5. try to make this more thread-safe
Added:19/01/07, 09:29 Priority: high

6. add in an "obfustcate email addresses" facility Added:08/11/04, 15:19 Priority: medium

7. convert (c) (r) and (tm) to the correct entities (add to links) Added:08/11/04, 15:20 Priority: medium

8. add optional "enhanced" definition lists detection, which does Term: Defintion
Added:08/11/04, 15:20 Priority: medium

9. recognise and reproduce different Ordered List styles. Added:08/11/04, 15:20 Priority: medium

10. links-per-section

Added:08/11/04, 15:21 Priority: medium

11. tables with multi-line cells

Added:08/11/04, 15:21 Priority: medium

12. option to add section-numbers to headers (not just header anchors)

Added:08/11/04, 15:22 Priority: medium

  1. allow starting section number to be user-defined Added:08/11/04, 15:22 Priority: medium
  2. make this more efficient

    Added:23/01/05, 14:42 Priority: medium

  3. make a proper CGI script as an example

    Added:17/05/05, 22:09 Priority: medium

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